Scooter sightings: Electric Blue!

Walked around downtown Nanaimo last weekend with my gf and I had to cross the street to see this adorable little scoot:

Photo 2013-01-19 08.43.59 PM

I was taking this picture just as a mom and 10 year old boy were getting onto it.  It’s a Motorino and electric.  It can go 60km/hr apparently.  (Whenever I hear that something is electric I think of that Office episode, The Duel, where Andy keeps his Prius under 10km/hr in order to silently crush Dwight against the hedge in the parking lot.)

I love that this eye catching electric is being used as a family vehicle.  Drivers are really courteous in this town so I’m not at all terrified for their lives and limbs like I would be in Metro Van.  Hopefully I’ll see them again with my scoot.


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