Scooter sightings: SYM Mio

Arrived way too early for the ferry on Friday morning since I got a ride with my giant suitcases and saw this little guy attached to the bike rack outside the Horseshoe Bay terminal building on my way to waste time at Starbucks. It’s a SYM Mio 50 cc scooter and I don’t think I’ve seen one in the wild before. The weather was not particularly nice on that February morn so I am guessing that this is someone’s primary mode of transport.

It’s been interesting watching a mini explosion of scooters and motorcycles in the last 2 years. Last summer was particularly notable. I know I’m more attuned now but there are definitely lots more young people on the North Shore with 2 wheelers. Makes sense given the economic slump and that the 50cc ones are so cheap (not to mention no motorcycle testing).

Wouldn’t it be cool if kids got scooters instead of marauding in oversized luxury SUVs?



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