Gear on the horizon

Summer commuting and riding were relatively easy gear-wise.  I already had my GoGo Gear black trench jacket and my First Gear black armoured pants.  Not to mention the gold fleck helmet that actually fit my face with glasses and two pairs of gloves (winter gauntlets and light summer gloves).  The factory windshield that only rose 8″ over the headlight put wind to my neck and chest but I never got very cold.  The little rain there was didn’t have time to soak through my jacket, nor did it impede my vision through my 3/4 helmet’s visor.

These days are gone, but I feel ready for the change.  I have recently added quite a few weapons to my cold/wet weather arsenal already.

One of my peeves about safety gear is that I look like a Transformer when I wear both the pants and the jacket.  Sometimes I revel in this totally butch look and the enjoy tension between the toughness and my blonde librarian appearance, but sometimes I just want to be a regular person in a store and less like Optimus Prime.

Hence, my weakness for GoGoGear.  I got my jacket from the now closed Urban Wasp in Vancouver, on-sale (since they were closing…boo!).  It was actually rather flattering!  And it didn’t end at my belly button like the other jackets I’d tried on.  They just got in a new product: kevlar leggings with optional knee pads.  And updated another with actual colours: armoured kevlar hoodies.

Special Edition GoGo Gear Armored Kevlar Hoodies - LIMITED TIME ONLY - SPECIAL ORDER ONLY

Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy a good “adult ladies pink” garment.  The leggings and the pink hoodie are pre-ordered and possibly arriving in Canada for Christmas.  Score!  (Please let the duty charges be small, Santa.)

On a less exciting note, some ass-hat stole the Vespa logo off my leg shields.  This probably happened at work.  And I doubt it was one of the seniors from the care home next door -they can’t piss me off or I won’t help them with their iPads!  Am investigating whether ScooterworksUSA will ship it for less than the $36 that their website says it will charge me (you know, for a $12 part that fits in an envelope).

It looks like the logo is there, but trust me that is just the under sticky stuff.


2 thoughts on “Gear on the horizon

  1. Aww… I kinda like looking like a Transformer!

    For a dude, riding a dual sport motorcycle with lots of cordura protective gear is very heteronormative. Well, until the helmet comes off to feature the nerdish Oliver Goldsmith glasses and the two big earrings.


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