New Tail Light

My new Euro Tail Light arrived!  I bought it from, along with some other items that I’d been thinking of but waiting to combine on shipping.  (Being Canadian has a few downsides, at least online shopping-wise.)

Why replace the regular tail light you may ask?  Well, a coworker told me she had been behind me on the highway for most of my journey home and that I was hard to see unless I braked.  Given that I brake sparsely as the scoot slows down much faster than a car when you ease off the throttle, this was not good safety news.  My scoot has a suped-up after market headlight already that the previous owner installed already so improving an anemic tail light situation seemed logical.  Though if it were something I ever got to look at it would likely have happened 2 years ago…


My first thought was that I might replace all the bulbs with LEDs.  The next move was to find the Euro tail light part online.  It has 9 bulbs in all compared to the 3 in the original light.

Check it out:


The Euro tail light works sort of opposite to the regular one.  The regular tail light has two tiny bulbs that are the running lights and one larger bulb that is the brake light; the Euro tail light has one large bulb as the running light and 8 tiny bulbs that add to the blaze as the brake light.  Basically, the running light brightness on the Euro is equal to the brightness of the brake light on the regular tail light.


(I didn’t at all take photos of this comparison in the dark in my shed by using my iPhone’s reverse camera and artfully pulling the brake lever with my foot while stretching out my arm as far back as possible toward the back of the scoot.  Nope.)

It was VERY easy.  The body piece with the red reflector on it has two small screws on the underside that you undo.  That frees up that piece to come off and reveal the two bigger screws for the tail light.  The reflector piece is wired in due to the little white light that should be above the license plate holder (ahem!).  I let this dangle for a bit then just unclipped it.


Unclip the old tail light with its little white electrical socket which is conveniently designed so you cannot put it in wrong, then you clip in the same piece in the new light.  There is a holder clip for the rectangular white socket to keep your wires in the tail light and not hanging all over the place.  Then the screws go back in, followed by the little reflector body part.  I took the opportunity to unscrew and straighten a partially crushed body piece from my little morning accident earlier this year.


Gorgeous, yes?  I was worried I wouldn’t like the white around the red centre but I do.  A shame I don’t get to look at it more often since I’m on top of the thing.


8 thoughts on “New Tail Light

  1. Was that tail light assembly a replacement all together or did you just change the bulbs in the existing unit? I am in the process of changing out my brake light for something brighter..I have already changed the small running lights to led…saw your post on google search an looking at the photos it looks as though you have replaced the whole unit as it is sealed where the bulbs fit in…thus the question. I have a 2007 GT200 myself.

    I did the same thing [almost] I had my scoot chained down and one day drove off with the rear wheel still chained and it snapped the mud flap right under the license tag what I did was take off the fender itself and found some super strong plastic glue then made a piece that fit over both broken pieces an glued it [very liberally] back together and now you can barely tell it happened. My scoot color is black which makes that less visible.

    Do let me know about that tail light deal…thanks.


    • Hi Sam,

      Yes, it was a complete unit that was sealed up. I haven’t actually changed any individual bulbs yet (they did one at the shop I take it to as part of a service though). With mine it made the running lights way better. The brake light was about the same. Maybe I’ll invest in an LED this winter though.
      Glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s messed up their bodywork! 🙂
      I did replace mine but sourcing it was a grand pain. I should blog again and do a post.

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      • thanks for your reply…after making this post while searching the net for brake light solutions, saw where there were complete units from $105 to $69; the lower price being a fella that has a small store in Charleston,SC the higher one being ScooterWest….west coast prices are very high compared to around this neck of the woods. The one in Charleston says he has a line on stuff straight from Italy after meeting an Italian fella who sells ’em, and the Italian guy said he couldn’t understand why parts where so high…so one thing led to another.

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      • Awesome! Hope it does everything you want it to.
        Yeah, I’m in Canada so I find it especially traumatizing to have to buy parts with the exchange rate and shipping. And often duty charges.


      • Ms darbynil…here’s a link to another option when and if you need something for the GT
        I have used the services and can vouch that it is reputable and a good source. Plus the shipping costs are held to a minimum. I had to replace an electric choke that had gone bad and found that his prices were more than half price; sometimes a third of what others wanted. The good news is he is an everyday Vespa rider himself.

        If you use ModernVespa forums he is known as Motovista on that site also FYI.


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